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Ark supports practitioners entering the wellbeing industry by providing expert CPD training, community and opportunities. Designed to make the transition into your future wellbeing passion project one full of excitement not overwhelm, we have everything you need under one roof. Our founders, Summer & Zinzi, are on a mission to standardise a trauma-aware approach to wellbeing throughout the industry; ensuring safe and inclusive wellbeing is accessible for you and your future communities.


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Our community engages in Insight Labs, Training Labs and wider free community events for a more personalalised approach to building your network. 

Held monthly by different experts in the industry, they range from the business side of wellbeing to social causes, and practices you can harness day-to-day.

A more scientific and skills based approach to CDP, they are held on an ongoing basis; from mentoring to trauma-aware training and everything in-between.

We believe many of the greatest opportunities 

come from personal connections which is why we work hard to connect you through our many free networking events.

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    Join Sunita! Explore your potential in a safe space alongside like min...




The subtle shifts that transform how you hold space for your clients and yourselves. TA is focused on ongoing development through CDP skills training and engaging workshops that explore how you can safely implement as you continue to grow within your offering.

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