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At Ark we believe how we hold space for our clients begins with how we hold space for ourselves. We are on a mission to standardise a trauma-aware approach to wellbeing throughout the industry within the next 10 years.

Through accessible training and development, access to industry experts and future opportunities; we believe we can create a positive impact that transforms the industry into a safe space full of opportunity.


Ark is your safe space to learn, connect & grow.​

Mustard abstract shape with the word ARK written on top. Blured small dog walking over the top


Founders, Sumer & Zinzi, met as yoga teachers in 2021 before quickly creating a friendship inspired by their shared passion to transform the wellbeing industry into one that is inclusive and safe for all. They are driven to make sure that clients feel safe to engage in holistic services whilst ensuring practitioners have access to community, training and opportunities.


After being diagnosed with PTSD in 2020, Summer spent 2 years exploring how a holistic approach to care can support us when we can't find the words to explain how we feel in mind and body. Zinzi has been supporting clients through yoga, massage therapy and most recently training as a counsellor for the last 7 years. When the two met, they spent many months unpicking how a lack of awareness and affordable access to training is harming the industry impacting clients and practitioners.

Since then, Ark was created and has been providing a bite sized, affordable approach to training & development for all wellbeing practitioners. Specialising in making a trauma-aware approach the standard approach, Ark are now building a network of approved training schools whilst preparing to connect their community to clients from 1-2-1, corporates, and retreats to community schemes, social causes and passion projects.


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