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Practitioners; Welcome Home!

With over 14+ years combined experience in the industry - we get the challenges, the joys and the passion that drives you to deliver the wellbeing services you offer. What we also know is that sometimes we need support and opportunities that make self-employed life that bit easier...


Group sessions can be intimidating at first, but here we put collaboration over competition ALWAYS. Your worries will instantly vanish once you meet the group of amazing practitioners rooting for you to succeed. 


Consider mentoring your support network and coaching your action plan for growth. Every month we get together to plan, reflect and make conscious decisions on our growth; rated our most valuable Ark asset by members.


Think of us like your wellbeing agency that cares about your growth, connects you to paid opportunities and never takes a cut of your hard earned money. Ark was built by holistic wellbeing practitioners for holistic wellbeing practitioners so we get it!


"The first network I've ever felt truly wants me to succeed and isn't in direct or indirect competition with me" - Elevate member

"I loved being a part of the clarity coaching webinar. It was a beautiful space to explore my why through journaling prompts and mindfulness, they are going to be a really lovely grounding moment of my month I can tell."

- Evolve Member

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